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How I Lead

Product development process. These images provide a glimpse into how I lead, think, influence, and problem solve.

How I Lead

You’ll do great. Just don’t f%#k it up.
— What I tell my team before a big presentation.

Whether thinking out loud on a roll of trace, advocating for UX, or empowering teams, the images and thoughts below provide a glimpse into how I lead, think, and influence.

Empower organizational change for innovation.

Thinking out loud

Ideas are easy. Execution is hard.

Know when to use design sprints to maximize the chances of building something that users want in a short amount of time.

Sketching out the IA Re-imagined

Kano Model

How to best identify and prioritize product value.

Establish team norms for trust, accountability, and transparency.

Brainstorming with team

Evidence-based, results-oriented decision-making. Process matters. 

Build > Measure > Iterate

Build > Measure > Iterate

Establish design principles  as a baseline to drive design decisions.

Making sure design has a seat at the table.

Making sure design has a seat at the table.

Assuring Design deserves and has a seat at the table. Advocate and sell UX value.

Thinking out loud.

Thinking out loud.

Goal-driven to empower team to be successful. Up to individual to figure out the how. Give team freedom to fail.

Emily's Customer Journey Map Enlarged

Team Feedback on Visual Direction

Celebrate and recognize individual and team wins. 


Not taking myself too seriously.

A situational leadership style that can adapt with team dynamics and skill sets.

Books and topics that inspire me.

My Sketchbook: UX Model for EnerNOC product

Team whitewater rafting on the Snake River, Idaho. I'm on the right in the middle!

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